With over 30 years of experience and thanks to the exclusivity of the HYUNDAI ELECTRONICS brand, we are leaders in consumer electronics and private label production. We specialize in manufacturing and distributing electronic products and household appliances for major chains and distributors in the region, ensuring consumer satisfaction and the commercial expansion of hundreds of retailers across the continent.

We are HYUNDAI ELECTRONICS for Latin America

Thanks to the alliance between All Distributions and the renowned HYUNDAI Corporation Korea, the most recognized and respected brand from Korea worldwide, we represent HYUNDAI ELECTRONICS in over 10 countries across Latin America.

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Private labels in 5 countries

Specialists in PRIVATE LABELS


We are leaders in the development and commercialization of over 20 private labels in more than 5 countries, resulting from excellent business synergy with our clients in Latin America.

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Production Line

Thanks to the many free trade agreements that Colombia has, we can export and market our products with zero tariffs to various countries in Latin America.

#1 Brand in Units Sold in Q4 2022

Our commitment has allowed us to be the brand with the most units sold at the largest retailer in Colombia during the last quarter of 2022.

Units Sold in 2022
Our Team

We provide strong brand support through an extensive network of automated service centers, spare parts warehouse, and over 600 collaborators in Latin America dedicated to driving the brand forward.

Our Clients

We enjoy the trust of hundreds of clients in various countries across Latin America.


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