Global Business Leader

Our Presence in Latin America

All Distributions, founded in 1993, has become a strategic leader in the consumer electronics business in Latin America. With over 30 years of experience, All Distributions leads HYUNDAI Electronics Latin America from Miami, serving over 15 countries in the region. This includes the integration of our subsidiary in Mexico, HTV Latinoamérica, and strategic partners such as the Consumer Electronics Group of Colombia. The latter operates the only automatic television assembly factory in the country with advanced technology and a wide range of free trade agreements, allowing us to export products advantageously with a Certificate of Origin.

The organization’s success is closely tied to the exclusive and official license granted by HYUNDAI Corporation Korea for the use of the Hyundai Electronics brand in various Latin American countries.

HYUNDAI Corporation is a global business leader spanning automobiles, heavy machinery, electronics, steel, shipbuilding, civil engineering, and construction, among other sectors. Hyundai is one of Korea’s most recognized and respected brands, known for its reliability in terms of quality and value.

This is why All Distributions enjoys the trust of significant national and international clients, including major retailers, specialized and traditional stores, and distributors. The company has become a reliable ally in the consumer electronics industry.

Furthermore, All Distributions has been a pioneering company leading the development and marketing of OEM brands for clients in Latin America, achieving outstanding sales and the successful development of over 20 private labels.

All Distributions is an organization that lives its organizational culture, consistently focused on the management, development, and innovation of its processes, and is passionate about customer satisfaction.


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